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We do duct cleaning

We do duct cleaning

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Indoor air quality and filtration are a growing concern in today's society, caused mostly by houses being built on tighter tolerances and air borne viruses, it brings up a frequently asked question. What is the best air filter for my air conditioning system? Unfortunately, there is no one answer to that question. Fortunately, through a combination of inspecting, measuring, and testing airflow we can find and provide the best solution for you.

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Go beyond just duct cleaning

At True Air Conditioning & Heating, we go beyond just duct cleaning. We can install a variety of filters to help prevent this from happening again.

What is the best filter for your system?

  • A filter that protects your unit and your health
  • A filter that removes the right size and correct number of airborne particles
  • A filter that saves energy consumption and blower life by not restricting airflow
  • NOTE: filters/returns that are noisy, suck filters in, and have a high rate of airflow are inefficient at catching small particles and keeping your unit clean

The best way to achieve high quality filtration

  • A filter with a high Merv rating that has deep media and a high surface area
  • High service area allows for more particles to be caught and has less restrictive airflow on your system
  • High Merv rated filters do not have to be changed as often, around 1-2 times a year is common

Important Info about Filters:

True Air Conditioning provides two options of highly rated filters that we feel best suite most applications:

  1. Merv 11 5in filter. Effective at removing particles .3 micron in size.
  2. Carbon clean Merv 16 5in. Odor removing and effective at removing particles .3 micron in size. (The #1 rated filter on the market).

NOTE: These filters require a filter cabinet to be installed. Indoor air quality/performance is important to the longevity of your equipment and your health, we are happy to answer any questions or concerns.